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Sifu Kairesh's Method Has Made 
Thousand to Speak & Understand Mandarin Fast
Who is Sifu Kairesh?
Let the star & bernama do the talking for you
Sifu Kairesh is one of the Top Mandarin Trainers in Malaysia. 

To date he has trained and helped thousands to speak and understand Mandarin. He was the selected trainer among many to win the contract to teach Mandarin to Proton Holdings that was taken over by Geely China. He has helped Le Meridian Hotel staffs to attend Chinese speaking guest during his visit to Egypt. He has helped Prince Court Medical Centre nurses to speak Mandarin with patients. He is fully booked by many corporates involving needs to learn Mandarin in the customer service industry.

To date, Sifu Kairesh has received testimonials from ordinary people whose lives he has changed due to his unique teaching methods, being a non-Chinese Mandarin trainer.
What You Will Learn in 1 day ??
The 6 Pillars
Been in a situation where Mandarin is spoken and you don't understand a single word? It's because you are lacking on The 6 Pillars. Sifu will show you how to understand Mandarin even if you cannot speak a single word.
The 9 Planets
All you need is master these 9 words and you can get a "shortcut access" to the Mandarin Speaking World.
Master Counting Numbers
This is Sifu's favourite chapter. It is his ability to make you master counting numbers from 1 - 9,999 under 30 minutes. Literally every single number.
Copy & Paste Scripts
Quit figuring out how to converse with Chinese people anymore. Scripts given to you. You just copy & paste and speak to our Chinese facilitators.
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Who is Suitable to Attend??
Graduate / Looking for a job
This course will be ideal for you to build a foundation to start speaking & understanding Mandarin from zero. Just copy & paste the script taught and you are set to impress your new employers
Seeking for a Pay Raise
You can start creating a lasting impression with your superior from what you take back from this workshop. You can put in your resume and profile that you can understand basic Mandarin skills.
Nursing & Medical Line
You have problem communicating with your patient who cannot speak English or Malay and you cannot be getting your Chinese colleagues to keep helping you. You will be guided on how easy it is to communicate in a way they will understand you.
Customer Service Line 
Your job is dealing in the front line. Your job is not to speak Mandarin fluently with Chinese clients; but to win their heart to be your long term client. Follow my 2 sentence closer script and you can land yourself with multiple Chinese clients.
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Street Smart Mandarin Workshop

7th July 2018 (Saturday)

8.30 AM to 5.30 PM

Location: Wisma MCA, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
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