Who Else Wants to Solve "Preferably Mandarin Speaking Job Syndrome" now!
That awkward moment, when you really want that job so badly and it ends with that phrase. I have been there before. I know how it feels!
Do you know an Average Malaysian earns below RM3K a Month?
When our current lifestyle demand requires at least RM8K a month to sustain a comfortable living.
  • Banks require a minimum wage of RM5K to approve a bank loan for a comfortable new home
  • You need at least RM2K to support day-to-day needs of a family.
  •  You need cash reserve of a minimum of 100k to save guard ourselves and our family for any future short-comings
There is only 2 solutions for this:
Earn More or Cut Cost
We cannot cut our expense as it will lead to a change of lifestyle.

So you plan to earn more. by adding more value to yourself and to your job or business.
Let me Ask You a Question: 
What would your life be if you just got that 1 thing?
For that 1 Job
Would it make a difference if your next job offers you RM8K a month. Do you think it can make a difference in your family? Imagine taking them out for an expensive dinner treat. Would that make a difference?
For that 1 Person
You are single and you like the person so much. Why hold on so long only to see that person walking away with someone else? Would it make a difference if you just have the "guts" to tell them how you feel and change the way things are. It could be someone that you missed or that broken relationship that you can patch. Would that make a difference?
For that 1 Deal
You are in business and all you need is that 1 deal to change your entire life forever. You cannot stand seeing huge opportunities slip through your hands all because of that limitation you have. Would that make a difference if you can seal that 1 deal?
For that 1 Dream
The feeling you had when you stepped into career fair only to find that there are thousands who are just like you competing the same job just like you. Would that make a difference you could by pass the crowd into VIP lane that grants you that dream job without waiting in that long queue? What that make a difference?
Who is Sifu Kairesh?
Sifu Kairesh has been teaching Mandarin for over 8 years. He is from Seremban. To date he has helped 3,840 people across Asia to experience life transformation through attaining an extra language: Mandarin

He is known to to build interest in his students in this language and inspires them to pursue their dream using all the tools he teaches.

He knows the pain people go through as a non-Mandarin speaking individuals losing out in opportunities. 

He seeks to make that difference in people today not to lose such opportunities again.
"Knowing an extra language is the greatest asset no one will ever take from you" ~ Sifu Kairesh
#10X Mandarin Seminar
Your Will Learn 3 Life Transforming Secrets!
#Secret 1
Discover how to get pass the "Preferably Mandarin Speaking Syndrome". and qualify yourself to land in your next job that pays you RM8K a month
#Secret 2
Discover how to "pick up" and build lasting relationships with the Chinese and how to win their respect even if you cannot speak Mandarin fluently.
#Secret 3
Discover how to build relationship with Chinese vendors to your favour in securing that one big business deal you have been waiting for.
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Student Review

Lee Ann Forest, Kuala Lumpur

Had a good Mandarin class today. It was fun throughout the class and it made catching up easy. Sifu Kairesh and his team was awesome n always all out to help us. Im so glad i made it to his class! And now i know so much more! Xie Xie Sifu Kairesh! No regrets for first timers!!

Ain BZ, Shah Alam

Very impressed because the Mandarin Masterclass will be taught by a non-native speaker. (I believe the way of conveying the knowledges of language from the non native speaker will be much easier to understand because they already know the struggle and difficulty

Helen Jude, Kuala Lumpur

Very impressive the way Sifu organized and well Structured with the quickest format to understand. I was little apprehensive with what I was about to encounter because I did not have any knowledge of Mandarin but within half and hour everything changed. I know that I made a good decision to join this course. Highly recommended.
Xie Xie Ni Sifu
Let Me Guide You to Get that 1 Thing - Fast
Here are the event details:
28 July 2018 (Saturday)
2.00pm - 6.00pm
DreamSpace Shared Office
B-03-14 (4th Floor), 1 Tebrau, Jalan Tebrau, Off Jalan Seri Setanggi, Taman Seri Setanggi, 80250 Johor Bahru
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