Attention to Employees & Business Owners Who are Struggling to Learn Mandarin!
Would You Like You to Speak Mandarin, Win The Respect from The Chinese & Bargain Like a Pro?
Without Worrying Anyone Speaking "Behind You" Again!
Imagine going to work and you can "overhear" Chinese conversation happening next to you. The best part is they don't know you understand word for word. 
You might also be thinking when you change your car tyre or shopping for clothes or shoes, when prices is spoken in Mandarin; you understand what's going on.
.... and imagine in your next visit to china you can confidently travel without worrying that you will be "tertipu" again.
Day 1 
Mandarin Conversation
Day 1 
Exact Step-by-Step Scripts 
#1 How to Greet & Introduce Yourself
You will discover methods on how to greet and introduce yourself with The Chinese professionally. So, if your company or business needs you to visit China or Taiwan, you can build a first impression with them, even if you have zero Mandarin knowledge. The deal here is to win their respect.
#2 How to Ask & Give Phone Numbers
You will discover a unique method Sifu uses to instantly make you master counting numbers 1-9,999 instantly. So, you will never have to worry about prices spoken in Mandarin "behind you"anymore. You can communicate with your colleagues and even give your phone numbers in Mandarin confidently.
#3 Making an Appointment With a Client
You can easily make appointments with your Chinese prospects and clients for future dealings. If you plan to be "fluent" in Mandarin. Mastering this chapter alone will give you a quantum leap. Let me show you how. 
#4 Shopping & Bargaining Tricks
You will also know how to bargain the right way during your next visit to China. You will also discover methods to ask for prices in Mandarin and win the hearts of the Chinese.
#5 How to Avoid Getting "Tertipu" When Travelling
Getting around China can be difficult if you ask for help from the locals. They can't speak English / Malay; what more Tamil? So, grab hold some scripts to apply whenever you need help from the Chinese. You just need to follow the scripts given step-by-step.

    Helen Jude

    Very impressive the way Sifu organized and well Structured with the quickest format to understand. The team have made the classroom ambience as consistently Chinese speaking as possible in terms of dialogue, Q&A and especially the stall concept. It was fun learning and Sifu's sense of humor keeps the topics interesting. I know that I made a good decision to join this course. Highly recommended.

    Cheryl Lourdes

    Sifu K makes mandarin language easy! His methods of teachings are easy for any employee in an organisation.

    Shvaleela balakrishnan

    I really njoyed the course yesterday (25/11/17) sifu. Seriously i came with 0% knowledge bt it just amazed me with the techniques n guidance which made me happy n confident. Thnk u sifu. Keep up. Sure will suipport u n awaiting for more session with u sifu. Hats off to u. Keep rocking. God bless to u n yr team.
     Day 2
    The Pinyin Game 
    Day 2 
    Pinyin Board Game 
    (Chinese Version of Scrabble)
    #1 Have Fun Playing a Board Game
    You will be introduced to the board game called The Pinyin Game. It's a Chinese version of the scrabble game. All you need to do is have fun playing the game and read the Chinese words. You will be guided by our Chinese team of facilitators.
    #2 WhatsApp Chat in Mandarin
    You will discover how easy it is to type in Mandarin and have fun chatting with our Chinese team of facilitators using words you learned from the board game.
    #4 Construct Sentences from English to Mandarin
    Mandarin is spoken and you will be guided on how to convert to english vice versa. You will be guided on how to overcome the fear when speaking Mandarin with the Chinese. It's easy. Let me show you how.

      Lee An Forest

      Had a good Mandarin class today. It was fun throughout the class and it made catching up easy. Sifu Kairesh and his team was awesome n always all out to help us. Im so glad i made it to his class! And now i know so much more! Xie Xie Sifu Kairesh! No regrets for first timers!!

      Major Vijay Arumugam

      Sifu Kairesh Able to speak Mandarin in 1 day is The Real Thing it was Learning, Understanding and experiencing not only being able to speak, recognise, read & write Mandarin but also the Chinese Culture.

      Aileen Arul

      I'm so glad that finally I attend your class. I was super excited for this event. You are such fabulous sifu, the way u teaching is mandarin like WOOW. Now I'm confident with your 1 day masterclass that I can speak mandarin and understand the meaning of the word. Whatever you teach us in materclass is easy to understand and not fast to forget. 
      Why Learn From Sifu Kairesh?
      Let's be frank. 
      80% of students that sign up for Sifu's Masterclass is because of 1 main reason
      When Mandarin is spoken, you simply don't understand and you just wish you can understand what they speak. Correct?
      What You Will Learn in 2 days
      DAY 1
      Step-by-step Scripts
      • Start & Carry Small Talks in Mandarin
      •  Copy & Paste Scripts
      • Master Counting Numbers 
      • Apply Mandarin with Chinese Facilitators
      DAY 2
      Pinyin Game
      • Pronunciation & Pinyin Mastery
      • Read up to 150 Chinese Characters
      • WhatsApp using Chinese Characters
      • Make Mandarin Sentences from English.
      Who is Sifu Kairesh?
      Over 3800 students have successfully completed Sifu Kairesh's Masterclass and can already understand spoken Mandarin.

      He is renowned for his unique teaching techniques; where being an Indian he shows you simple tricks to get around speaking this language. He uses English, Malay, Tamil, Cantonese to teach Mandarin. 

      Sifu's students got better job opportunities with higher income; secured big deals with Chinese clients and able to travel to China without worrying about understanding Mandarin again. 

      Sifu Kairesh was interviewed by The Star and Bernama News Channel for his unique way of teaching. He taught Mandarin in Proton (Geely Owned) and is currently teaching nurses in Prince Court Medical Centre and KPJ.

      He cuts through the long ways of Mandarin learning into short, easy to apply concepts and can be used on a daily basis.
      Bernama News Channel 
      2 November 2017
      The Star 
      22 October 2017
      Here are The Event Details
      Wisma MCA, Kuala Lumpur
      8.30am - 5.30pm
      10 & 11 November 2018
      (Saturday & Sunday)
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      (DAY 1 & DAY 2)
      10 & 11 November 2018
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