Do You Know Mandarin Taught in Classes is 
NOT What is Spoken Outside?
So, chances are high 90% of anything you learn from classes will be practically useless.
So, do you want to just go for classes or get immediate solution to apply immediately when you interact with Chinese people next?
Here is what you will learn from this book
  •  How to overcome the biggest fear of speaking Mandarin with 3 easy steps.
  •  How to greet Chinese people in a unique way where schools don't teach you
  •  How to avoid being "lost" during meetings conducted in Mandarin.
  •  How to start a pep-talk in Mandarin without being left behind ever again.
  • Travel around China using these 3 words.
  •  How to approach Chinese strangers and strike a conversation.
  •  Discover a secret to understand numbers instantly.
  •  How and when to bargain price the correct way to get the best deals.
Student's Review

Muhd Ikmal, Kuala Lumpur

Sifu Kairesh's approach to teaching Mandarin is not conventional. The technique he is using really helps us to understand and speak Mandarin in a much shorter time compared to other courses.

Cheryl Lourdes, Kuala Lumpur

Sifu K makes mandarin language easy! His methods of teachings are easy for any employee in an organisation.

Revathi, Kuala Lumpur

Hi everyone, I am going for Mandarin classes weekly, nonetheless numbers were very tricky for me and I cant remember...BUT with SIFU withing 2 minutes I remembered all number by heart! - Xie Xie Ni Sifu..
This book is my blueprint I used to teach Mandarin for over 8 years
....and I want you to get a copy now!
RM59 + Free Shipping within Malaysia
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