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This Book Shows 6 Strategies
Done For You Step-by-Step Scripts to:
  • Greeting & introduce yourself: You simply have to copy and paste the scripts and speak to your clients / friends instantly.
  • Street Mandarin: What you learn in classes is not exactly what they speak in public. This book illustrate whats exactly what is spoken outside. You don't need to re-invent the wheel.
  • Instructive Phrases: This will come in handy when you need to ask favours from your Chinese friends. Simply copy and paste any phrase you need get the job done.
  • Numbers: Surprise Your Chinese friends / boss in your new ability to give any phone numbers fluently in Mandarin.
  • Date & time: Learn to make appointments easily in Mandarin when you know how easy it is to mention the date & time fluently. The Chinese mention dates differently then we do by the way.
  • Money: You will learn the only 2 ways to ask for price in Mandarin. The formal way and informal way. When price is mentioned, there are formal and informal way. Learn them both so you will know exactly whats happening - "without them knowing"

Muhd Ikmal, Kuala Lumpur

Sifu Kairesh's approach to teaching Mandarin is not conventional. The technique he is using really helps us to understand and speak Mandarin in a much shorter time compared to other courses.

Cheryl Lourdes, Kuala Lumpur

Sifu K makes mandarin language easy! His methods of teachings are easy for any employee in an organisation.

Revathi, Kuala Lumpur

Hi everyone, I am going for Mandarin classes weekly, nonetheless numbers were very tricky for me and I cant remember. But with Sifu - within 2 minutes I remembered all numbers by heart! - xie xie Ni Sifu..
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Malaysia's Celebrity 
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Malaysia's No.1 Digital Marketing Guru
  (Sifu Jamal)
YB Senator Puan
Bathmavathi Krishnan
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